Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Mode?

Mode is a platform for Black owned clothing brands to connect with their customers. Through our app and creative services we help brands gain all the right exposure! Put your products on our app if you want a seamless selling selling point and request our media creation services if you want content to use on every platform!

How Does it Work?

For Brands: When you sign up for the Mode app you can upload your own products and sell them right from the app. We are constantly bringing new eyes to our platform with content and marketing our app, so having your products on the app is an opportunity for more views for your brand. Our content creation services also attract attention and help brands tell their story. Getting content made through Mode will boost your reach to the audience on our patform! If you are a customer: Sign up on the app and shop or just look around and get some clothing inspo. Find a new favorite brand and engage with them on social media or on the Mode platform.

Are there Any Fees?

**These fees are waived when you get creative services.** There is a $2.00 + 5% fee per purchase from the Mode app. For example, on a $10 purchase the fee would be $2.50 (5% of $10 is $0.50) and on a $30 purchase the fee would be $3.50 (5% of $30 is $1.50).

How is Shipping and Fulfillment Handled?

Brands must handle their own shipping and fulfillment, as they would if they were selling from their own website. However, this can all be tracked through the Mode app, meaning from the purchase to the status of shipped products can be updated directly from the app. Mode automatically adds a $5 shipping fee to orders which is meant to accomodate all brands on the app. If you would like to change the shipping fee cost please contact us and let us know.

What About Tracking Inventory and Products?

Tracking inventory from the app is easy but it is not integrated with your website. We suggest having a certain amount of products specifically for the app or tracking sales for Mode separately from your other sales platforms. Be on the lookout for the integration of more metrics for vendor tracking!

Using the Creative Platform/Services.

Music, photos, videoshoots, writings, and audio creations are all possibilities on the Mode platform. Not only do we handle the Marketing Technology (engagements, conversions, views, etc) around your content but we will actually make sure it is getting in front of the right audience. Through methods that work for every budget, we work with brands who request creative services to give them access to an entirely new audience!