About Us

Nexts Steps in Fashion

A Platform for Fashion, in Every Possible Way

We want to connect people to new sources of fashion. Too many brands crafted with skill, thoughtfulness, and depth get lost among those common brands we see everyday. 

By building a platform for Black designers and clothing brands, we want to build an audience where these creatives can share their products and gain new fans. 

We intend to display these brands in a way that shows how nice you will look when shopping with brands on Mode!

Dedication to the Community

We are dedicated to the community! From creating opportunities, helping businesses grow, and own their supply chain, we want to bring control of the fashion industry to those who impact it the most. Not just the community consuming fashion, but those making it. 


The disconnect between brands and consumers comes from the inability for brands to fully get ther message across. We ant to handle that for you. Not only will we display your brand, but we will create the media that you use to dispaly in other places. Video and photographs are areas we are excited to work with you on. 

Focus on Fashion

Clothing is a piece of every single persons life on this earth. Some people urgently need access to clothes for survival, while others buy luxury products that they never wear. Mode intends to see how fashion interacts with every individual, and provide what everyone needs and provide exactly that.